Solana Tuzla, Inc. (Saltworks d.d. Tuzla) was founded a long time ago in 1885 when the production of table salt started by boiling away the water from natural salty water in shallow casseroles.

 A great progress in this long way of development was achieved during 1970 when new plants for producing vacuumed table salt of the capacity 200.000 tons yearly. Equipment and technology for such production was delivered by the world-known enterprise of Elcher WYES Switzerland, which from the technical-technological point of view guaranteed a reliable production and a high quality of the product.

From the day of its foundation up to the present day the Solana Tuzla, Inc has never stopped production except for temporary stops (maintenance).

In the year 2006 a physical production volume of 80.790 tones was accomplished, with tendency of constant growth towards projected value of production capacity. Beside the table salt production as its basic product, the factory is reviving new development programs in the realm of food production, pharmaceutical products, hygienic products and salt-based products.

These programs are a long-term business orientation of the factory in the oncoming period.

Looking at the ownership of the factory and its management, the Factory exists as a stockholding company, and has somewhere around 550 employees.

The factory has succeeded to bring the quality of its production and its products to a recognizable level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in markets of: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Solana Tuzla, Inc has developed and applied quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 certified by the German DQS certification institution and by domestic certification institution BH Certificate.
With our assortment of products we sincerely try to satisfy the wishes of our buyers, whose wishes are our development road sign.

Our long lasting decision is to satisfy the demands of our buyers by developing best business relations with our business partners. Therefore we offer them an open and responsible relationship.



Solana Tuzla, Inc has been producing and refining salt for the consumers for 120 years. We are producing the complete assortment of table salt for retail, as well as salt for the chemical, leather, and textile industry, as well as for a host of other industries.

1. DO-DO is our leading product in the realm of the food industry, based on salt. It is a salty seasoning, enriched with minerals and vitamins, to be used in the culinary art, especially for making salty dishes (soups, vegetables, sauces, roasts…)

2. We also produce beef soups, cream chowder, and beef soup cubes.

3. Specified purpose additives based on DO-DO seasoning for: fish, chicken, barbecue, salt and garlic, salt and tomato, salt with herbal seasoning additives, mixed vegetables for soups and stews and diet salt.

The disinfectant program, salt based is as follows:

  1. “OLBA” the universal hand-washing paste
  2. “SOLAT” salt for the regeneration of softeners for home dish washers, in tablet form
  3. Distilled water  - 1 Liter or 5 Liter (canisters).

Products of Solana Tuzla, Inc. are sold by general importers and distributors as follows:

Slovenia – “Prosol” Ljubljana
+ 386 1 542 5692
+ 386 1 540 4165 – fax

Croatia – “Zaprešićanka” Zaprešić
+ 385 1 331 1707
+ 385 1 331 1700 – fax

Serbia – “Interkomerc” Belgrade
+ 381 11 323 3259 – fax
+ 381 11 2025 166

Macedonia – “Izvor” Skopje
+ 389 22 551 310
+ 389 22 551 712 – fax

Kosovo – “Eni-P” Gnjilane
+ 381 280 25 404
+ 381 280 25 404 – fax

Montenegro - “Đurković Company” Nikšić
+ 381 83 252 015
+ 381 83 252 016

Bosnia and Herzegovina – “Vegamix” Tuzla
+ 387 35 760 238
+ 387 35 760 238 – fax


The DO-DO seasoning, seasoning additives, nitrite salt and other products are sold directly:

Solana d.d. Tuzla
+ 387 35 280 540
+ 387 35 280 378 – fax

All information and inquiries regarding Solana Tuzla, Inc products can be obtained by opening Contacts page and look for Solana Tuzla, Inc, sale department, by phoning or via fax or e-mail.